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Herbert W. Gains
Jerry Lathan
While in Louisiana shooting The Reaping in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit. Gains saved that production and the lives of its cast and crew, and became emotionally invested in the state. He returned five years later with the largest film to ever hit Louisiana, Green Lantern, knowing that the existing resources for a film of that size were somewhat limited and required thinking outside the box. He knew that if it went well that it would open the door for films similar in size. During that production he met a local entrepreneur, Jerry Lathan. Jerry, a huge fan of movies had a curiosity in the business side of filmmaking. Lathan, a huge supporter in the restoration and preservation of post Katrina New Orleans, started formulating a business plan with Gains that would support film productions as well as the local economy.

While considering bringing another large film, GI Joe: Retaliation, to Louisiana, Gains realized the need to develop a property that was geared to attracting large-scale films to Louisiana. His approach would be to make it a Producer friendly facility that he himself would want to use. A site with huge open spaces for building sets unlike anything existing anywhere in the state. Gains had scouted The Michoud Assembly Facility run by NASA in New Orleans. The end of the Space Shuttle program had left enormous spaces unused and potentially available for private enterprise. Gains knew that the only way he could move forward with GI Joe: Retaliation was to somehow secure access to this site. Gains approached NASA officials with a vision of Hollywood and NASA coexisting on the site, and soon, with Lathan, Big Easy Studios, LLC was created.

Gains runs Big Easy Studios as if he was producing a movie. "I can read a script, or simply ask a few questions about the material and advise as to whether or not it makes sense to come to our facility, or even Louisiana. I have a reputation and long term relationships in this business that are far more important to maintain, than to convince someone to come when it doesn't make sense." Gains states openly that Big Easy Studios is not right for every picture. In fact, he just returned from filming The Judge in Massachusetts, as "It was the right place for that particular movie."

Big Easy Studios, LLC was formed in November 2011. Herbert W. Gains' vision was realized in a very short time, and soon Big Easy may become the largest full-service studio in the United States.
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